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Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode 76

Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode 76

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•••[00:00:45] Games Q&A►►► 
Kickstarter as investment? Where's Tim? Different designer takes on my fave games? Murano Light Masters? Speaking out with channel? Objectively good games? Difficulty levels on co-ops? Jen in videos? Gaming with kids? Rank new Fresco modules? Let's Waltz modules? Boardgame TikTok? Kickstarter compilation campaigns? Solar Storm? Kickstarter vs crowdfunding? Essen on R&R? Deck builder vs hand builder? Art vs graphic design?  Box fronts? Setting vs theme? Expansion ratings? Lid drift? Best games with definitive ending? How to stop focusing on winning? Direction vs point salad? Gaming with new gamers? 
•••[01:46:10] Personal Q&A►►►
 What do we like talking about? Words we hate? Game designer origin story? Concerts? Systemic racism outside of America? West Wing Weekly? Northern Wales? Getting more invovled? Countries we haven't been to yet? Route 66? Sports we could like? Prior relationships? Wandering eyes? Good friends? Fave chicken? Regenerative farming? Jen's words of wisdom? Doggo pics!
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