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Lesson 1 - Place Value - Print Notes

Lesson 1 - Place Value - Print Notes

Print notes and follow along with video
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This course is designed to review the basic operations of arithmetic and introduce algebraic representation and applications.
It is intended for both first-time students and those wishing to brush up on their algebra skills.
This is one of my favorite courses to teach because this is where your foundation in algebra begins and I'd like to help build or repair your foundation.
This course, taught on campus twice per week for 75 minutes each, was primarily recorded at the Lancaster Campus of Harrisburg Area Community College. The video recordings are predominantly unedited clips from live classes.
There is no prerequisite for this course.
For the most part all calculations in this course are done without the use of a calculator; however there will be times when I require the use of a basic scientific calculator (not a graphing calculator).

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