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How F*ck You Pay Me is empowering creators

How F*ck You Pay Me is empowering creators

Nilay Patel talks to Lindsey Lee Lugrin, the CEO and co-founder of an app trying to help creators navigate brand deals.
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We talk a lot about the creator economy here on Decoder and one thing we’ve learned from all those conversations is that the creator economy is a market just like any other, with supply and demand, but that it’s also a market that is absolutely starved of information. So today I’m talking to Lindsey Lee Lugrin, the co-founder and CEO of a new platform called Fuck You Pay Me, which is an all-time great company name. FYPM is an app for creators to review and compare brand deals: what brands are paying, what it’s like to work with them, and whether people would work with them again. It’s kind of like Glassdoor or Yelp for influencers.
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Margrethe Vestager as guest?

Andres, Denmark
Thank you for a great podcast!
Now that Margrethe Vestager has been appointed EU’s competition and digital comissioner, I was wondering if you could get her on as guest?
That would be a nice opportunity to hear both of your takes on a variety of tech-related issues.
Thanks again!

A self indulgent snarky host

Axel Files
She lacks one of the most important qualities an interviewer should have: curiosity in the other person’s views and ideas