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#328: How Sales Managers Use Storytelling to Coach Their Teams to Success

#328: How Sales Managers Use Storytelling to Coach Their Teams to Success

with Wesleyne Greer
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Wesleyne Greer, founder of Transformed Sales, is a former chemist and now a superstar sales strategist for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Manufacturing) companies, share how she uses storytelling to coach sales teams to success.
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The Business of Story podcast, hosted by Park Howell, is one of the top brand storytelling podcasts and named among 40 Best Small Business Podcasts in 2017. It will help you reignite within you the one true superpower we all possess - storytelling. Each episode provides the best strategies and secrets from the best content creators, advertising creatives, authors, screenwriters, entrepreneurs, marketers, and brand raconteurs that show you how to make your story marketing stand out. You will learn how to connect with your customers, move them to action, and start creating epic growth for your organization and your people.


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