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149. Q&AF: Rewarding Yourself, Getting Bored & Andy The MF Carpet Cleaner

149. Q&AF: Rewarding Yourself, Getting Bored & Andy The MF Carpet Cleaner

A lot of people do whatever they want before they can afford to do whatever they want. On today’s Q&AF episode, Andy answers your questions about when it's appropriate to spend your money on luxury items and how you can get excited about your...
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A lot of people do whatever they want before they can afford to do whatever they want. On today’s Q&AF episode, Andy answers your questions about when it's appropriate to spend your money on luxury items and how you can get excited about your life and goals. Andy also tells the story of how he almost quit the supplement business and went into carpet cleaning.
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Entrepreneur Andy Frisella and his guests discuss, debate, and laugh their way through trending topics and hot-button issues. (This is also the home of Andy's other show, the top-ranked MFCEO Project Podcast)


The political rants, stop.

So I’m almost through the 75hard program, and it’s definitely the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. While doing my outdoor workout I’ve mostly been listening to this podcast to feel inspired and motivated about the whole thing. I find the leadership mentoring very very helpful and I’ve learned so much listening in, BUT JESUS F CHRIST Please stop the political BS. As a woman in business, listening in on these uneducated political opinions I just feel completely trampled. I understand that you feel like it’s your right to be an Authentic American MAN with your “freedom” and rights, but supporting a president who openly preys on women and who throws sexual insults wherever he feels like it, I just cannot support. I’ve tried to steer clear of the episodes where political subjects are brought up, because honestly I’m sad that they’re in there, and I don’t see how it’s got anything to do with entrepreneurship.
Another thing that has been bothering me is the episode on should you eat Bambi, as I’m a certified sports coach, I fully support the statement that yes, we do need meat, and the nutrients we get through animal produce, but saying that we need meat because we are animals and animals feed animals and plants feed plants are complete nonsense! There’s obviously PLENTY of animals, the so called herbivores, that feed of PLANTS!
I love the powerlist, I’ve also implemented it into my own life and this podcast series has plenty of good! But some of it is just bothersome.

This is simple the most valuable information out there.

I recently finished 75 hard. (A program made by the owner of the podcast, Andy) This was the hardest thing I have ever done. But also the most rewarding. I can’t say thank you enough. It has been life changing. I have listened from the beginning and have since then had 4 promotions in various job roles, more depth on my life, more quality, less procrastination. I also find myself going the hard and less traveled more often.
If you are not listening to this, you are missing out on your life.
Thanks for enlightening my life!
God bless!

Pure Fire

Lorentz Aarhus
This podcast is pure fire! It’s giving me so many tools to use in my life and business🔥

Huge Fan

I've been listening to you for weeks now. This is great!

I'm a big fan of you guys!

The best podcast on the face of the earth, no doubt.
You guys dive into subjects, which are so relevant for our society nowadays 💯

A fresh punch in the face

Andy is for real. No facade. No BS. Direct and up front. No fuzz. Straight ahead humane and helpfulness in highest order. It is ok to think you want to give up but then pick yourself up straighten your back and carry on with the thing you wanted give up on. Thanks Andy for keeping it real. Thanks for teaching and showing by example how to be the CEO of every aspect of your life. Home. School. Work. Job. Business. Sports. Hobbies. Wherever.
Thanks. I highly recommend!
Some really great side notes from the podcast: Nothing is easier than a full day of hard work (the episode with the Diesel bros)

This is NOT a podcast...

This podcast might be in the business category. But it is far from about business only.
The symbiotic relationship between Andy and Vaughn is like ying and yang. They discuss business, entrepreneurship, sales, but more important, the simple and old school skills that people need to have to succeed in business and in life in general.
This podcast is not for business people only. This podcast is NOT even a podcast. It’s a social movement that puts you on the path to success. It’s ARETE. It’s about changing and becoming a better business owner, father, employee or member in society. It’s about hitting rock bottom and recoiling to the top.
When people like Ed Mylett, Grant Cardone and Dean Graziosi endorse you, you are doing quite okay.
Each episode vary between 10 minutes to more than an hour.
You might not like the topics or Andy himself, because of the truths he talks about, but that might be about a problem you haven’t addressed with yourself rather than being a problem with Andy.
Become a MFCEO. It’s a process you won’t regret. If you don’t have purpose, you will get help finding it.

More than just a podcast!

Daniel Feldborg-Jensen
The MFCEO project is so much more than just an podcast - it is a true guide on how to live your life. I have been listening to Andy now for around 1 year and ever sinced i started to use and consider the tools Andy provides my personal development has skyrocketed towards being way sjove average. So if you desire to be more than just an average guy Independent of your current situation this podcast will help you!
Thank you Andy!

Changes your way of looking at life

Everybody should listen to this...

The best podcast for everyone who wants to improve on how to become successful in business and life

After having listened to Andy and Vaughn and sometimes great guests like his dad and wife, but also e.g. Sean whales, I really find it usefull to take action on their powerfull advises and they motivate the **** out of me. I'm danish, and we are supposed to have a great entrepreneurical environment here. Yet I can't seem to find anything that comes close to what I get from this podcast - FOR FREE! Thank you guys for letting us have a peek into the mindset that has made especially you Andy so successful in what you do, and the way you live your life. Keep it up. Now I gotta get on with my powerlist. This was one of the critical tasks today :)

Worthy of repeat!

This podcast is amazing! Its personal, Its advise on business, Its motivation and its free even though Its worth millions! 👊🏼 I listen to this everytime I need a break or a kick in the butt!
Seriously guys!
Download it
Hit play
Hit repeat
Just be carefull not forgetting to get stuff done! 😜
This has without a doubt made me a more selfconfident and motivated entrepreneur! - so thx Andy!
Get inspired and go be great! 🔥🔥🔥

This show is just 10x

If you want to 10x your life, or business with no BS then this is the podcast you want to hear :)