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Dr. Robert (Bob) T. Jones IV, grandson of Bobby Jones

Dr. Robert (Bob) T. Jones IV, grandson of Bobby Jones

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Dr. Jones, an Atlanta-area psychologist who specializes in sports psychology and executive coaching, speaks about the psychological skills his grandfather developed that enabled him to excel at the game of golf – and at life. The presentation examines the people who shaped Bobby Jones – most importantly, his mother and his paternal grandfather (Robert Tyre Jones) – and the psychological skills he developed that enabled him to excel at golf and, later, to cope gracefully with a debilitating illness. The golfer was diagnosed in 1948 with syringomyelia, a painful and degenerative spinal disease that eventually took his life in 1971.
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“Bobby Jones: The Game of Life” exhibition opened Feb. 12, 2015, in the Schatten Gallery of the Robert W. Woodruff Library at Emory University. The exhibition will remain on view through Nov. 30, 2015. The life of Bobby Jones exemplifies so much of what we value at Emory University: scholarship, self-discipline, and social conscience.
Robert Tyre Jones Jr. (1902-1971) remains known as the most successful amateur golfer in the history of the sport, in particular for taking the Grand Slam title in 1930 after winning the four major championships of his time in the same calendar year. No one had done that before, and no one has done it since then. The materials on display are drawn largely from two MARBL archives: the Bobby Jones collection, acquired in 1967, and the collection of research and original material from Jones biographer Sidney L. Matthew, acquired in 2012.

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