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How To Make The Most Out Of Conferences

How To Make The Most Out Of Conferences

In this podcast we talk about how you can make th…
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In this podcast we talk about how you can make the most out of conferences. Both me and Rob have been to numerous conferences as presenters and attendees. And recently Rob has helped co-organise the EAP in Ireland conference. So we want to share with you our experience and how to benefit most from conferences.
Specifically, in this episode you will learn:
1. Number 1 advice to my former self about conferencing
2. How to network and socialise with others
3. How to reach out to speakers and organise meet-ups at the conference
4. How to choose the right talk for you
5. Behind the scenes of organising a conference and accepting proposals
6. How to get your talk accepted at a conference
7. Top conference proposal mistakes to avoid
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