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Itsy Pitsy Post-Latifi, Masi Declares Max The Winny

Itsy Pitsy Post-Latifi, Masi Declares Max The Winny

or: Super Hammy Goes Ballistic, Masi Is Atrocious
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The finale of the 2021 Formula 1 season was, as predicted by many, a shitshow at the fuck factory, but at least it wasn’t boring. Cheeka, Phill and Terry look back at the very silly Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, decide who should resign, and ultimately congratulate Max Verstappen on his first title.
Also: there's a panto. Now let’s never speak of it again.
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Once you've heard the facts, join Cheeka, Terry and Phill for their review of every grand prix - recorded (until recent events) in a pub.
Formula 1 needs fixing - and For F1's Sake are the ones to fix it. Definitely.


Great fun :)

It always cheers me up, listening to the off hand coments....keep it up ;-)