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Suzy Griswold – Survivor and founder of HealingStrong cancer support groups

Suzy Griswold – Survivor and founder of HealingStrong cancer support groups

Enjoy my interview with Suzy!
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Today I have the great pleasure of sharing an interview I did with my dear friend and fellow cancer survivor Suzy Griswold, founder of HealingStrong.
Suzy was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2009. Three months after surgery and radiotherapy, the cancer spread to her lymph nodes. When chemotherapy was recommended, Suzy began investigating alternative, natural and non-toxic cancer treatments and discovered the Gerson Therapy and the power of radical life change and faith. Eighteen months later she was cancer free!
In September 2013, with a team of big-hearted volunteers, Suzy organized a faith-based holistic cancer conference called HealingStrong, and asked me to speak and emcee it, which was an incredible honor. The conference was a really special gathering of like-minded survivors and thrivers that birthed a big idea.
Three months later, Suzy started a HealingStrong a free monthly support group in the Atlanta area with a focus on education, encouragement and sharing empowering resources to help patients take control of their life and health.
The HealingStrong support group model is about rebuilding the body, restoring the soul, and renewing the spirit. In the last seven years, HealingStrong groups have been founded in hundreds of cities and is now the largest network of holistic cancer support groups in the world. And it’s still free.
I’m a huge fan and supporter of HealingStrong and Suzy Griswold is one of my favorite people in the world. She is a truly an amazing person with some wonderful wisdom to share. Enjoy!
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