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Old School Ghost Stories - Being Weird

Old School Ghost Stories - Being Weird

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Let's get intimate, Just you me and some ghost stories. In this episode we fall back into the old days of “The Haunted Estate”. First I get honest with you guys about how I have been feeling a bit lost lately. Then we hear some really spooky listener stories. Don’t forget to submit your own stories at
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If you’re the kind of person who drives by a car accident, and is like, yes I’m going to look even though I don’t want to then you’ve come to the right place.
Welcome to The Haunted Estate, hosted by Celina Myers  aka CelinaSpookyBoo. When I’m not making comedy videos on TikTok, I’m deep, researching and learning about the strangest, spookiest and deepest things there are on this earth and beyond. We’re going to talk about the hard stuff, the dark stuff, the stuff that will haunt you and your family for generations.
Haunting stories, haunted lives, the figures that live in the shadows in your room, that little voice in your head that keeps jabbing your inner most thoughts, anything that feels a little off, these are things that we can’t stay away from. There are so many things we are afraid to ask about, and this is the place we will explore them. 
Celina is here to keep you pinned in your bed paralyzed with curiosity. Stories from her life, stories from guests near and far, and stories that come from you.
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Love everything Celina makes🙏🏽