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266. Increase Sales & Profits with Online Restaurant Solutions - BentoBox

266. Increase Sales & Profits with Online Restaurant Solutions - BentoBox

This pandemic has absolutely required your restau…
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This pandemic has absolutely required your restaurant to adapt to the times and adopt new customer safe, friendly conveniences. This is more important now than ever as we emerge from the crisis.
The good news is, these guest-friendly conveniences actually increase Sales and Profits.
In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Brian Cotlove, Chief Business Officer of Bentobox.
A bentobox is a multi-compartment box containing different courses of a Japanese lunch. In this episode, we’ll be talking about an All-In-1 platform that delivers Online Ordering, Gift Cards, Event Tickets, Retail Merchandise sales, Restaurant Websites and more – all in 1 place!
Listen as Brian tells us:
- The Changing Dynamics of the restaurant business and why you need to stay ahead of the curve and your competition
- Why Digital Ordering and Pay at Table features are critical during this Labor Shortage
- Why eCommerce is critical to your operations post-pandemic, and what these tools can do for your restaurant
- How your website either Converts visitors into customers or Not
- The importance of Analytic Tracking for marketing and sales success
- Best practices to Maximize your website S.E.O.
And so much more….
Bentobox offers a Free Demo to demonstrate all of the above at
Watch or Listen and then go ROCK your Restaurant!
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